Weber Manufacturing supplies high quality NVD (Nickel Vapor Deposition) Nickel Shell Tooling for all types of manufacturing processes that create the soft touch textured interior skin surfaces. These surfaces are commonly seen on instrument panels, door panels, armrests, and console panels within the modern automotive interior.

Our unique Nickel Shell Tooling is utilized for Slush Cast Skin, Polyurethane Robotic Spray, RIM, and In Mold Grained (IMG) Negative Vacuum Forming textured skin manufacturing processes. With our rapid NVD deposition rate utilizing a reusable deposition mandrel we have the ability to improve program timing considerably while also supplying superior nickel shell quality and texture replication compared to traditional electroforming methods.

Weber can manufacture Leather Wrapped Models, Seam Enhanced Final Epoxy Models, and/or Steel Etched Master Models. Weber has extensive experience working together with OEM’s and Tier 1’s to obtain all the required mastering approval steps, providing our customers with a complete turnkey solution for their Automotive Interior projects.

Automotive Interior Presentation


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