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Weber Manufacturing’s extensive expertise and experience with Wrapped and Epoxy Mastering provides our customers with a true one stop shop for their Auto interior projects. We have created mastering for the majority of Automotive OEM’s worldwide. Our depth of knowledge and understanding of the expectations of different OEM’s ensures the mastering approval process happens quickly and reliably.

Our modern 5-axis machining centers manufacture the wrapped master model renboard substrates within a typical tolerance of +/-0.15mm. From there our craftsmen wrap the models with the textured wrapping foil covering complex shapes such as instrument panels with a minimum amount of seams being required.

Weber also does all the casting work for the final Epoxy Mother Models in house, performs any seam enhancing needed, and creates any airbag logo lettering styles required. Having this expertise all in house ensures projects are not dependent on another company’s capacity at any given time, and provides full control during this critical phase of an Auto Interior project.