Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc. has been a recognized industry leader in the use of CAD/CAM and CNC machining procedures for mold manufacturing for many years. In the late 70’s, Weber acquired its first CNC 3-axis machining center and programming system, followed with the addition of a large Droop & Rein, 3000x6000mm, two spindle bridge type machine, the largest of its kind in North America.

Our first fully CNC machined mold was completed in 1986 and all projects were completely CNC machined by the early 90’s. Today, all mold projects are fully manufactured to 3D solid models by machine operators on the shop floor using OPEN MIND HyperMILL.

Weber has a multispindle, 5 axis, bridge type, 3000x 5000mm, Ingersoll machining center, the first of this type of machine used for mold manufacturing, (1) Deckel-Maho, 5 axis, 1250x1600mm and (4) 1800x2000mm machining centers.