EXPERIENCE – Over 45 years of mold-making experience producing a wide range of large, class A, custom mold solutions in P20 steel, NVD Nickel, Invar and Aluminum.

INNOVATION – Design knowledge gained from experience in various competitive markets is continually applied for new engineering developments.

CAPACITY & CAPABILITY – Large, fully integrated Mold Design and Manufacturing Shop can handle large tools, and manage large, multiple tool programs efficiently, and professionally.

NVD (Nickel Vapour Deposition) NICKEL SHELLS – A unique mold concept using our proprietary NVD process to produce nickel shells at any desired thickness (3.5mm – +30mm thick!) and mount them in an engineered support structure. NVD nickel shell tooling provides an alternative to monolithic steel or aluminum blocks. Conformal Heating/Cooling tubes can be added to the back to support rapid mold temperature change and uniform mold face temperatures.